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Abstract decor refers to decorating style that features non-representational, geometric shapes and forms, and bold colors and patterns. This type of decor often includes items like abstract art, sculptures, and decorative objects that are inspired by the principles of abstract art.

The abstract decorating style is characterized by its use of shapes, lines, and colors in a non-representational way. This allows for a great deal of artistic freedom and can result in an array of visually striking designs. It often incorporates pieces that are minimalistic and refined in their design, allowing the form and color to be the main focus. It is well-suited for those who prefer a more modern aesthetic and enjoy simplicity, yet still want to add a touch of creativity to their space.

One of the most common ways to incorporate abstract decor into your home is through art. This can be done by adding abstract paintings or prints to your walls, or by displaying sculptures or other decorative objects on shelves or tables. You can also use abstract-inspired textiles, such as throw pillows, area rugs, and curtains, to add pops of color and pattern to your space.

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